Getting Started

The Full URL of RPX API is : or

Registering and Managing Your Profile.

After registering, you will have an Active Profile ready to use and recognise by RPX API. So, how to get an Active Profile? Continue to read below information.


  1. Create and register Your Profile at sub menu Your Account => Register. A new register form will appear.
  2. Fill in all register form entries. Don’t forget your choosen username for further usage.
    • Just skipped RPX Account No. entry if you haven’t had any RPX’s Account Number. Click here on how to get an RPX’s Account Number.
    • Once you had an RPX’s Account Number, you can update your RPX’s Account Number information in Your Profile in RPX Account No. (if any) section.
    • RPX’s Account Number is a mandatory entry in order to enabling RPX ACCOUNT CUSTOMER profile.
    • After completing all required informations, click on Register to confirm your registration. You have to successfully passed the CAPTCHA check before registration process continue.
    • An Activation Email will be sent to your email address mentioned in your profile entries.
          – Please wait a while before an activation email arrives at your Inbox.
          – Activate your Profile by clicking a confirmation link mentioned in that activation email.
          – You may want to check your Junk/Spam folder, in case your email server’s filtering consider this Activation Email as a potential Spam since there’s an unrecognised url link. Move to trusted inbox and continue activation.
          – If you still haven’t receive your activation email please Contact Us with your username/company/account number.
    • After activating your account, try logging in at menu Your Account => Login. If you succeed logging in, you can start using RPX API on your programming language.
    • But wait, make sure you read Profile Type section to find out more about your API privilege and the differences between having RPX Account and not having RPX Account.

    So you have managed to get your Account activated. But what API services are available for your profile type?
    There are two type of profile :

    • The PUBLIC CUSTOMER Profile, for those who doesn’t have RPX Account yet.
         Only one API with SEND method (API for ordering pickup request) is available. The rest are various APIs for GET method purposes.
         Only PUBLIC Rates is available when you run getRATES to get RPX rates.
    • The RPX ACCOUNT CUSTOMER Profile, for those whose already had an RPX Account (and already save it to their Profile).
         You can run getRATES to get your own customised Rates. Some RPX Customers have their own rates matrix (approved by RPX Pricing) that is not equal with RPX Public rates.
         You can run getPOD to get your shipments delivery summary (Delivered and On Going) within a Periodic Time.
         All API for PUBLIC CUSTOMER is also available for RPX ACCOUNT profile.
         More customised APIs can also be created to support data exchange between RPX and RPX Customer who already had RPX account no.

  1. Make sure that there is SOAP client available on your programming language.
  2. You need to register the IP Address(es) of your Webservice(s), so that your IP Address(es) will be recognised as part of whitelisted IP Address(es) (allowed by RPX firewall). In Your Profile, register you IP address in Server IPs section (use comma separated if you have multiple IP address).
  3. Vice versa, you might have to whitelisted some RPX’s Public IP Address we use for this API’s process. For RPX’s Public IP address, please contact RPX IT Dept.
  4. If your webservices doesn’t use dedicated IP Address and your web hosting provider are using dynamic IP, your API’s might get blocked by RPX Firewall. So it is much better to have a dedicated IP address for your Webservices and whitelisted in RPX Firewall.


  • To get an RPX’s Account Number, please contact RPX Sales team.
  • Access and usage of RPX API’s Website and methods are monitored to prevent abuse.
  • There are maximum login attempt. Account that failed to pass login verification within several attempt will be suspended and will be totally banned if having suspended for couple of times.
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